"We Turn Knowledge Into Value For The Benefit Of Our Clients"
Accounting and Business Consulting Firms

Our services

KWGH is one of the leading accounting and business consulting firms in Ghana. We mainly deal with all financial, tax, and accounting services for companies and individuals. We bring you the desired business outcome from all frontiers and you don't have to search for different service providers for various services.

At KWGH, we provide services that are designed to cater to the professional services needs of our clients. We offer a complete range of high quality contemporary professional services for all your business needs. Our approach in handling the service is flexible and oriented to delivering value-added services. Since our establishment, our company continues to maintain each of the client’s business goals and priorities based on an in-depth understanding of their needs. We evaluate the key risks associated with the client's businesses and help them in improving their business outcome.

We deliver all our optimal solutions, which are of a global quality and standard and make them available for our clients at a local competitive fee. Our services include:

  • Audit - Financial Statement Audit, Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, and other Audit Related Services.
  • Tax - Personal Tax, Indirect Tax, Business Tax, International Corporate Tax.
  • Consulting - Payroll Services, Regulatory and Compliance Services, IFRS Conversion Services, IT, Accounting Advisory Services.

We provide quality and value added professional services to companies and individuals. Contact us today and see how we can add value to your business by providing some competitive advantage through our quality services.


KWGH  has established presence as well as extensive experience in various industries in the Ghanaian economy. Notable among them are:

Collective Investment Schemes

·   Stanbic Income Fund  Trust

·   Stanbic Cash Trust

·   Meridian Port Services Provident Fund

·   Golden Star Resources Provident Fund

·   Gaede Fund

·   Boart Longyear Tier2&3 Pension Funds

·   Stanbic Bank Staff 3rd-Tier Pension Fund

·   UBA Tier2&3 Pension Funds

·   Vlisco Tier2&3 Pension Funds

Services & Not for Profit

·   L’AÎNÉ Services Ltd

·   WomensTrust FNGO

·   Konrad Adenauer Foundation

Banking & Finance

·   CIDAN Investments & Advisory Services Ltd

·   VERIT Investment Advisory Services Ltd

·   Dickmafle Money Lending Co. Ltd

·   First Liberty Microfinance Ltd

Mining & Commerce

·   Golden Star Resources Ltd

·   CBM Surveys Limited

·   AD-Precisions Ltd

·   DANAAV-DDN Ghana Ltd

·   Direct Sales Ltd

·   Duo Africa Ltd

Information Technology

·   Speed Technologies Ltd

·   ProSoft Business Solutions Ltd

·   SG Ghana Ltd

Real Estates, Construction & Shipping 

·   Kumasi Management Services

·   JJS Properties Ltd

·   Pazag Global Shipping Co. Ltd